Honours Program

A student must apply and be accepted into an honours program. Acceptance is contingent upon satisfying the entrance requirements of the department concerned. Applicants normally have a 3.0 CGPA in subject (s) of the honours field. In order to continue, this 3.0 CGPA must be maintained. Failure to do so will place the student in the corresponding general degree program. Students will still be subject to the regulations of the original graduating calendar. If a student is subsequently reinstated into the honours program, the graduating calendar is that which was in effect at the time of the original program acceptance.

Honours and Joint Honours Program

For all bachelor of arts (BA) honours programs, students complete a minimum of 120 units, which includes:

  • at least 60 units that must be completed at Simon Fraser University
  • satisfaction of the writing, quantitative, and breadth requirements
  • students complete at least 60 upper division units, which must include at least 48 units in upper division courses in a Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences honours program; no more than 15 upper division units that have been transferred from another institution can be used toward this requirement
  • at least 65 units (including 21 upper division units) in Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences courses
  • students complete lower division requirements for at least one Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences honours program
  • students are required to achieve an overall cumulative grade point average (CGPA) and upper division CGPA of at least 3.0, and an honours program CGPA and upper division CGPA of at least 3.0