Interested in joining FASSFirst?

  • Be part of a cohort of peers in a small and select group of first-year students coming from BC High Schools
  • Receive mentorship by the best teachers at SFU
  • Lay the groundwork for future academic success and foster your academic skills
  • Complete units in the faculty of your choice (FASS) and earn a B-Hum or B-Soc designation towards your WQB requirements
  • A course only for you in your first term at SFU: most seats are reserved for invited students
  • Courses available only in the Fall term 

What is FASSFirst?

  • A new initiative offered in Fall 2017 to students in their first term
  • Specially designed to help students in their transition to university and into the largest faculty at SFU
  • 10 seminars, each limited to 25 students
  • Led by the best teachers and mentors in FASS

What will be taught?

  • Anything from science fiction to pop music, from drug policy to sustainability, but with a special focus on the academic needs of first-year students
  • FASSFirst courses are not part of the regular curriculum: these topics are taught only in these seminars
  • FASSFirst seminars will surprise you and will introduce you to the full scope of the humanities and social sciences
  • FASSFirst seminars will call into question your own ideas about traditional subject matters, and they will lead your interests in surprising and unknown directions 

What will I learn?

  • Writing: Your marks will be based largely, if not entirely, on written work. You will be expected to write frequently, and sometimes in low-stakes contexts.
  • Peer Engagement: You will be expected to engage productively with your peers, both in and out of the classroom. The aim is to help you to learn how to rely on others in academic contexts.
  • Research: You will be expected to learn the basic methods of academic research, including how to navigate and make use of the research resources SFU makes available to you (including the library and the instructor).
  • Time Management: To learn better time management, some assignments will be constructed in such a way that you are required to plan your work in multiple stages.

How do I enrol?

You can find the FASSFirst courses on the Student Information System (SIS) under FASS 101. Each section (D001, D002, etc.) has a different topic - just select the section in which you wish to enrol.