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Arts Central offers academic, social, career events for all FASS students year round to connect you to your peers, help you transition into the institution and feel a part of the vibrant SFU community.

Explore your academic options

Discover FASS Programs

From Anthropology to World Literature - explore the many different program options (majors, minors, etc.) available to FASS students

Studying in Surrey

Start your degree in our first-year experience program, FASS One, pursue a Surrey-based Criminology program or take elective courses in the Surrey campus.

Academic Advising

Academic advising helps you make important decisions about your academic career and professional future. Our goal is to help you find the right path and to provide you with the tools you need to navigate the university, its departments and its programs. 

Connect with your peers

FASS Connections in Burnaby

The FASS Connections mentorship program connects new FASS undergraduate studentswith other new students and senior FASS students at the Burnaby campus through social, academic and group activities.

FASS One in Surrey

The FASS One program offers students who start their SFU journey at the Surrey campus connections to other first year students and their peers through weekly meetings, providing social, academic and group activities

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The FASSination Blog provides you with a fun, insightful and honest inside look at the SFU experience first-hand from our talented team of peer mentors.

Arts Central hosts initiatives year round to welcome new students to FASS! For updates on current events follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

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Brian Fox, Coordinator,
Student Engagement

Rose Baik, Coordinator,
FASS One in Surrey