What's So Great About Vancouver?

This is a question I had a tough time answering before I moved to the other side of the world. Doing an exchange in Singapore brought on tons of new experiences, an opportunity for self-reflection, along with personal discovery. In addition to all that, studying abroad gave me a newfound appreciation for the city I call home.

Back in December, I could not wait to take the 18-hour plane ride across the globe to escape the horrible winter we had last season. Living in the concrete jungle of Singapore was an eye-opening experience. Being the third most densely populated country in the world requires strategic methods when it comes to urban planning. Every inch of the island is developed to accommodate the amount of people living there, and I was in awe by the organization of buildings and housing estates. Singapore is a vibrant and bustling city, with lots of life happening everywhere you turn.

However, as the months went by I found myself longing for the mountains and forests we have here in Vancouver. I craved the fresh mountain air that we are so fortunate to have. Prior to living abroad, I had only lived in Vancouver, so naturally I took for granted everything we have here. Yet, when I found myself surrounded by concrete buildings and man-made parks, I realized that I should be more grateful and proud of the place I call home. 

I have been home for about three months now, and I still find myself taking in those extra breaths of fresh air, and staring just a little longer at the sights that I previously glanced at before going on exchange!

Adrienne Khaw (FASS Connections Mentor)

Psychology Major