Aileen's Tour Guide Tips

Being an SFU Tour Guide is a very unique job and has allowed me to have a very different perspective of SFU! Initially when I came to SFU in my first year, I was always getting lost and was never really sure where I was going! Now, I know so many different routes and secret paths that allow me to travel throughout the school with ease.

Also, if you have questions about any spot on campus whether it’s the Rotunda, Convocation Mall, or AQ, I’ll be able to give you a complete schpeel about the space with some bonus interesting facts! Like for example, did you know the circular glass windows in the Rotunda were actually used as an elevator in a movie scene once? I actually find it difficult to walk through the campus with friends since I always end up talking about the buildings and all the interesting facts!

Being a tour guide has also given me the chance to find out about cool spots and hidden gems located throughout campus! For example, if you go to the Chemistry section of the Shrum Science Centre, theres a life sized interactive Periodic Table of Elements! Also, the red floors of the rotunda are actually heated during the winter which makes for a great study spot during colder months! Additionally, any roof top you find yourself on will offer you an amazing view of the life surrounding the SFU Burnaby campus. My favourite roof top and the one I love showing on tours is the roof by West Mall Centre, since it allows you to see both the gorgeous mountainside, and a spectacular view of terry fox field and the Burnaby skyline.

All tour guides also have slightly different routes and scripts they do when on tour, and everyone also has a favourite spot on campus they always have to include when showing someone around! For me, it would be side of the Academic Quadrangle Gardens that showcase the beautiful mountainside. Unfortunately, this usually only works out on clear and sunny days!

So, if you are a new student (or even a student who has been here for a while) and are always getting lost at SFU, don’t panic! A tour guide will be able to help you find your way, as well as give you some interesting tips like the ones I just gave you!

Aileen Saadatmand (FASS Connections Mentor)

Criminology Minor, Health Science Major