Amrit's 5 Places to Get Work Done

W.A.C. Bennett Library

    The library is always a good place to get work done. Whether you want a quiet environment or an environment where you can work on assignments with friends and still be able to talk. The higher the floor you’re on, the quieter they get! So, if you don’t mind talking, floor 2 is the place to go and if you want pure silence, start on floor 4 and make your way up.

The Learning Hub

    The Learning Hub is in the education hallway next to Jugo Juice. It has comfortable chairs, microwaves to warm up your food, and outlets so you can charge your laptop, phone and etc.

West Mall Centre

    WMC has a quiet study zone on the 1st and 3rd floors. Both areas are fairly quiet and equipped with outlets. This area also gives you a reason to grab an Iced Capp from Tim Horton’s on the 2nd floor!

Robert C. Brown Hall

    RCB Hall has 4 floors and all floors have numerous areas to sit and do your work! It is a perfect place to sit if you’re waiting for your tutorial or for a lecture at Images Theatre.

Blusson Hall

    Blusson Hall is one of the newer buildings at SFU. It has a quiet environment in general and has numerous spots to sit and get your work done. Definitely recommend looking for a study spot in this hall!

Amrit Tehara (FASS Connections Peer Mentor)

Criminology Major, Health Science Minor