It was my first day of university and I was prepared, or so I thought. I left my dorm half an hour earlier than necessary so I could be sure that I had enough time to find my classroom and pick out a good seat. I had a printed copy of my schedule and all my textbooks ready to go. West mall? Check, I know where that is. AQ? That’s easy. Saywell Hall? A little trickier, but still not an issue.

One problem, according to my schedule, my first class was in the Robert C. Brown Hall in some room called IMAGTH? I’m still not concerned at this point, I’m a university student, how hard could it be to find a big lecture hall? Plus this was exactly why I left myself extra time. I asked an older student about the mysterious room and was given the answer “If you’re walking through Convo Mall towards the AQ the room you’re looking for is in the front left corner of the AQ on the main floor. Huge lecture hall, can’t miss it.”

I searched around that corner of the AQ for a good while with no luck, I couldn’t figure out why all the other classrooms had numbers but the one I was looking for was just some random letters. I ended up doing four or five laps of the AQ looking for the mysterious IMAGTH, I eventually ran into a custodian who was able to show me where I was going and that the room I was looking for was in fact called the Images Theatre. In hindsight it made perfect sense and the original students directions were actually quite accurate.

Anyways I walked into the lecture hall 30 minutes late only to find every seat taken with dozens of people littering the isle. I ended up having to sit at the very front on some empty steps and take notes in my lap. It was not an ideal start to my university career but hey, it was only up from there!

Brendan Seppala - FASS Connections Peer Mentor

Economics Major