What I learned as a transfer student

Transferring from a small college to a big and well-established university can definitely be overwhelming. At my high school and college, I felt like a big fish in a small pond, but at SFU, I feel like a small fish in a big pond. Although this semester has had its challenges and accomplishments, there are a few insights I’d like to share.

You will feel like a late-bloomer

The students who’ve been at SFU since the beginning already had their time to explore opportunities and events and take classes with notable professors. You might feel a bit left out when your classmates discuss certain SFU related topics. You might even feel like you need to play “catch up.” It’s best to look forward to the events, opportunities and friends that are to come!  

It’s okay if you’re not in “your groove” yet.

With all new experiences you have: a new job, new apartment, new city, new school, there’s an transition and adaption period. It might take a while to really feel like you belong. But that’s okay, it takes a while for the small fish to explore all of the big pond.

Not all of your credits will transfer!

This is a common frustration with transfer students. There might be slight differences with one universities version of the course to another’s. So, ultimately you’ll have to retake the same courses with “slight” alternatives to the information that you’ve previously learned.

This website might save you some time and money! http://www.bctransferguide.ca

Don’t feel let down if someone doesn’t want to be your friend-friend.

Being anxious about wanting to make new friends might feel a bit juvenile. But it’s a common feeling everyone has. There is a big difference between a school-friend and a friend-friend. I make school-friends constantly. Those people you sit beside in class whom you get along with really well, do your projects and study together, but it never goes farther than that. But if that happens, that’s okay, you shouldn’t try to force friendship. Finding friend-friends may take some time, effort or sometimes just luck.

And lastly…

If you feel like you don’t know what you’re doing, it’s okay cause most people don’t either!

Danika Plante Mahnic - FASS Connections Peer Mentor

Criminology Major, French Minor, Legal Studies Certificate