Visit Diva, our FASS Dog!

If you’ve been hanging around Arts Central at all lately you might have noticed a fluffy black poodle wandering around. Well that’s Diva – our FASS Engagement Dog!

Diva is a very important member of our FASS fam. She comes out to our events, reps our FASS gear, and makes Arts Central a happier place! With this fluffy pup around, it’s hard to have a bad day.

Diva is a poodle with a very calm temperament, who loves being petted and going for walks around campus. She is almost 5 years old, was a breeding dog for the first few years of her life, and is now settled down with her loving family.  

The BEST PART… You can visit Diva! She hangs out in Arts Central (AQ 3020) most days of the week so pop on in and find Brian Fox the Coordinator of Student Engagement in FASS and he'll introduce you to her! Diva is also at most of our welcome events for new FASS students (see for more information).

Please note: Diva is on special diet, so no feeding our lovely pup, please and thank you!

Becky Danen - FASS Engagement Programming Assistant (EPA) Fall 2016

International Studies Major