The 5 Most Instagrammable Places at Burnaby Campus


Face it – this campus can be gorgeous. If you love snapping pictures like I do, there are a few prime spots you need to know about to help you step up your Instagram game.

1. 5th Floor AQ Washrooms (South side)
If you want that classic photo of the AQ and the pond, the view from the washrooms (specifically on the side closest to the Shurm buildings) is the perfect vantage point. The windows also open fully so that you don’t get any glare. Bonus points if you can catch the sunset.

2. Walkway above the Rotunda
Not only can you snap an amazing picture with downtown Vancouver in the distance, there are also always some chairs up there where you can sit and relax, too. If you know how to work those angles, you can turn around and get a pretty awesome pic of Convocation Mall and the Library as well!

3. Trottier Observatory
It’s important that you visit this place at night. Of course, during the day you can actually read all the interesting plaques and information, but next time you’re up on campus late, take a detour and see for yourself why this is one of the most beautiful (and colouful!) locations to snap.

4. West Mall Centre, 5000 level (North side)
This place is a bit trickier than the rest, because some of the best views can be seen from the offices or conference rooms on this floor. If you can manage to snoop around and find a spot, it makes for a classic and majestic mountains shot.

5. Shrum Science Centre, Roof
I’m not condoning anything here, but if you know how to get onto the roof of Shrum, then you know what I’m talking about: it’s all the views in one, big, wide panorama picture. Getting the Terry Fox Field and the AQ in a single frame has never been easier – the only thing you need is a sunny day!

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Theresa Morgan (FASS Connections Mentor)

Cognitive Sciences Major