Justin Trudeau plagiarized me


Papers are essential to an Arts degree and I think just about everyone has worried at some point if they might not have cited correctly and be accused of plagiarism or cheating. While the chances of it happening are pretty slim if you follow instructions clearly, what do you do when Justin Trudeau plagiarizes you?

Last year I had to write a research paper about a public policy and how I would change it so I decided to write about First Nations education and how to improve it. The weeks go by and I’m almost done my paper and feeling really good about it, thinking that I’m going to get a solid A, until Justin Trudeau does the unthinkable. He released the federal budget and specified how he is going to tackle the same problem.

Coincidentally, Trudeau and I have incredibly similar ways of fixing the policy. With one day before the paper is due, there is no way that I’m going to be able to write another in one night so I frantically email my professor explaining my situation. For the next hour I was obsessively refreshing my email in hopes that he would respond before the morning – he didn’t.

Fast forward to 8am and still no response and with class at 10:30, I had no choice but to make my way to school. On my way up, describing my situation to my friends who are all laughing at me, I get an email from him saying that all I have to do is insert a paragraph in the beginning saying that the government and I had the exact same solution. So I whip out my computer as fast as humanly possible and type out this paragraph explaining what happened. After that came the hardest part of all, physical activity. I had to sprint as fast as any Olympian to the library, spend over 2 dollars to get it, and run to class.

Moral of the story, if you think you might have plagiarized (or have been plagiarized by Justin Trudeau), make sure you email your professor right away so you can avoid stressful situations like mine.  

Jordan Arnold - FASS Connections Peer Mentor

Political Science and International Studies (Double Major), Ethnic and Intercultural Relations Certificate