Taking fun classes

Oftentimes, the best experiences in class happen completely outside of your intended major. Throughout grade school I have loved learning about history, and even contemplated taking it once I got to university. In the long run, Political Science won out, but I have taken my share of history electives. Cue History 115: The History of Sexuality, which I was lucky enough to take in my second year. Part classic history class, complete with a timeline spanning to Ancient Greece, those four months served as more of an introduction to gender, sexuality, and women’s studies (GSWS) than anything.

It’s true that university can require you to leave your shell no matter what classes you’re taking, but nothing cured my fear of speaking up in class more than throwing in some risqué subject matter. Once you get over the initial shock, however, it’s amazing what you can learn in a class you might have planned on taking for fun. I became so interested in learning about the history and politics of LGBTQ+ issues, I made GSWS my minor. GSWS has provided me with a ton of knowledge and critical thinking skills and it has been an excellent complement to my more traditional political science major.

While it may seem vital to make sure you have completed all of your required courses as soon as possible, you might miss out on taking something else you never knew you would love. By taking a course that seemed like it would be fun, I discovered a program I barely realized existed, and hope to one day incorporate it in to my long-term career.

Kayla Phillips - FASS Connections Lead Peer Mentor

Political Science Major, Gender, Sexuality, and Women's Studies Minor