Meeting lifelong friends in University

I’m stating the obvious here, but university is completely different from high school and even more different than I imagined it to be. Classes are huge, and there seems to be new faces with each turn around the AQ! So begs the question: how do you make friends in university? Here are some tricks to help you find that best friend:

Say hi in class: Friendship begins with being open and friendly. It takes a lot of courage, but chances are, a lot of people in the room are bursting for someone to talk to and just too shy. Be that fearless invitation! Some great conversation starters are what program you’re in, what your expectations are of the class, or if they are rocking a Captain America backpack and you are a diehard Marvel fanatic.

Join a DSU: Departmental Student Unions (DSUs) are also a great place to find people that are interested in the same things you are, as well as an awesome way to get involved within your program. Each program in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (FASS), from Anthropology to World Literature, has a DSU that you can get involved with at any point in your degree.

Get engaged and volunteer: Whether you decide to volunteer on or off campus, SFU has plenty of opportunities for students to get engaged and make a difference. By getting involved, you are not only helping the community to grow and improve, but you are also able to meet new people that more than likely are also interested in the same things that you are. Whether you decide to volunteer with SFU Recreation, as a Learning Peer, or perhaps a Health Peer, there are tons programs for you to find your niche and make new friends!

The time of your life and the best friends to come are waiting for you – get out there and make it happen!

Rachel Wong (FASS Connections Peer Mentor)

Communications Major, International Studies Minor