Why Join FASS Connections? Ask a Former Mentee!

So, thinking about joining the FASS Connections Mentorship Program, perhaps? Honestly, not a bad idea!

Every student coming into SFU for the first time is nervous, whether that be a little not-so-great feeling in your stomach, or breaking down into an emotional wreck when you're late to your first class because you got lost (don't worry if you're reading this as a new student: teachers expect you to be late the first day). Joining the Mentorship Program, though, sheds a little bit of that nervousness away. 

I, myself, am becoming a mentor this year, and was a mentee in my first year. Initially, I thought I had everything figured out, but actually I found that having a little guidance here or there by my mentor helped me stress less about the transition of going from a little high school to a really really big university. I was not the most active mentee in the program, but becoming a mentor makes me really wish that I took part in more things as a mentee; the events I did go to were really fun! And I mean, free food? You bet I'm going to show up! The program itself is meant to help that transition to be easier, while also allowing mentees to be introduced to new people and new resources on campus, and does so pretty darn well, in my humble opinion.

My mentor was also one of the coolest people in the world, and having someone in the same field as you, who can talk about the same field as you, is really helpful. Now that I think about it, every person related to the FASS Connections Mentorship Program is absurdly friendly and helpful! I really do recommend this program to any new student, whether you have a lot of stress and don't know anything about what you're going to do, or whether you have none and have it all planned out (like I thought I did!).


Sydney Wallin (FASS Connections Mentor)

English Major, French Language Minor