The Athletics Dance Team gave me opportunities I never expected

SFU Athletics and Recreation has an incredible amount of opportunities for students on campus. One of the ways students can get involved is joining a sports club. I danced throughout high school in both a studio and in my high school’s dance program, but I stopped dancing at my studio in grade 11. I began to miss it and I felt like I wasn’t dancing enough, especially when I started university and didn’t have my high school’s dance program anymore. When I saw a flyer for the new Athletics Dance Team at SFU I was hesitant to audition at first. I didn’t have much experience with auditions and I hadn’t danced in a while. After deciding to audition, I was delighted to find out I was chosen as a member of the team’s first year at SFU! 

Joining the team in my first year was a really great decision. I’ve made a lot of friends on the team over the last few years, and I’ve connected with amazing dancers, students, and staff as a result. The team provides members with performance opportunities and is great for students that want to continue dancing at an intermediate level throughout their time at SFU. A few of the performances we’ve participated in over the years are: SFU Clan Basketball Games, 102nd CFL Grey Cup Fan March, SFU Clan Homecoming, SFU Dance Marathon, VanCity Project, and Circle Craft Christmas Market. This exposure to dance and performing made me realize how much dance meant to me, and it inspired me to audition for and complete a pre-professional training program in my 2nd year of university, further expanding my knowledge of and experience within the dance industry.

At the end of my first year at SFU, the captains of the team that year were looking for new captains as they were graduating. After deliberating, I was happy to hear they chose me as a co-captain for the team’s second season. Being in this position has forced me to learn new things and face challenges that have helped me develop as a leader and a person. My experiences on the team inspired me to get more involved on campus and I have been learning and growing ever since I auditioned in my first year. 

I would encourage anyone at SFU to join some sort of Athletics and Recreation program, whether that’s drop-in sports, a sports club, fitness classes, etc. Joining a sports program can help you get/stay in shape, meet friends, and provide you with opportunities you never expected!

Zoe Crane (FASS Connections Mentor)

Psychology Major, Counselling and Human Development Minor