One-on-One support and friendship

Our mission is to provide enriching and supportive connections to increase your sense of belonging and well-being, helping you thrive in this vibrant campus community and most importantly, become part of our SFU and FASS family!

"My mentor has become a person I feel I can rely on and look up to as a role model. She helped me work through some tough times and helped me learn to be a more independent person. Overall, I feel I learned many valuable life skills from her that will carry me far in university." (2017 mentee)

Meet our 2018 Team

Our mentors are pursuing programs in FASS in many different areas and bring their unique experiences into the work they do in FASS. Get to know our very talented 2018 team!

FASS Connections Mentorship Program is proudly sponsored by Club Ilia, located at Cornerstone Building at Univercity!

Become a Mentor

Apply between February and March 2018 to become a mentor for the Summer and Fall 2018 terms. You can provide incoming FASS students supportive connections through group faciliatation and one-on-one interactions.