General Information

Conference Theme " Promoting mental health in later life: mobilizing knowledge into practice" What will it cover?

In  later life, people and their support systems often experience mental health issues that impact their well-being.  Dementia, Depression, and Delirium are three conditions that immediately come to mind but older adults can also experience conditions that they have coped with over their lifetime (e.g. anxiety, addictions, bipolor disorder, schizophrenia) as well as some affective disorders that appear for the first time in their later years when they are confronted with stressors such as illness, death of loved ones, forced retirement, social isolation and loneliness. This conference will discuss innovations in addressing continuing as well as new mental health challenges that people experience in their later years. Keynote speakers and expert panels will also describe online and paper tools that aid in diagnosing and monitoring mental health problems,  person-centred approaches and “best practices” with respect to treatment, and support services available in the local community. They will address ethical and legal issues for the person, family, health professionals and policy makers related to care (who, where it will be provided), competency assessment and income and assets management (who, what, with what accountability), dying and death (including bereavement support).  Other topics include cultural and religious differences in approaches to promoting mental health in later life, the impact of insecuiity concerning housing, e-mental health promotion and services.