Public Lecture

A free public lecture will take place June 10 from 7-9pm. 

                               Topic: Resilience and Older Adults: Challenges for Individuals and Communities

Speaker: Janine Wiles, Associate Professor, School of Population Health, University of Auckland, New Zealand


Abstract: Dr. Wiles will draw upon her work in the area of collective and community-level resilience to address resources and challenges faced by older adults living in communities, especially those that are marginalized. Her talk will make the case for the need to think about resilience in contextualised ways including at the broader community level. Some of the emerging issues and questions to be discussed include: why should we think about resilience at the level of communities and beyond? what is community resilience and how can it be fostered?; how can we enhance the strengths of older people and communities? And can a focus on fostering resilience address inequities embedded in historical and cultural contexts?

This lecture is co-hosted by the SFU Continuing Studies 55+ Program and supported by a grant from the Ting Foundation.