General Information

Conference Theme - "Understanding and Fostering Resilience in Older Adults"-  What will it cover?  

It is well known that older adults face many adversities over the later life course. This conference will address the ways in which they bounce back from different types and combinations of adversity – termed resilience. Some of the challenges that will be addressed include: mental and physical health issues, especially multimorbidity; family change such as widowhood; socio-economic deprivation; social isolation and loneliness; ageism and discrimination; housing problems; and environmental disasters, to name a few.

The Friesen conference aims to extend our understanding of how resilience works at the individual, family and community level; identify vulnerable groups of older adults who often face several concurrent challenges; examine different forms of resilience and their measurement; and isolate risk and protective factors in an effort to elucidate promising innovative programs, policies and strategies. 

During a period of the most rapid population aging in Canada and many other nations, coupled with heightened global socio-political change, extending our knowledge of resilience will help society to make important adjustments to maximize health and wellness of older individuals.