The Simon Fraser University Gerontology Research Centre (GRC) and associated Gerontology Department are pleased to welcome you to the 29th John K. Friesen Conference.  This year’s conference is a one-day virtual event due to the risk imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic, especially to older adults. The’ silver lining’ of the pandemic is that we have a clearer understanding of the weaknesses and inadequacies in our continuing and long-term care systems.  We are bringing together some of the top experts in Canada to discuss new visions and models of care that will allow us to rebuild these systems in a more robust and resilient form as we look towards the future of formal care in Canada. I am delighted to host this event, which will be the first in a series celebrating the 40th anniversary of the GRC and the Gerontology Department.

Andrew Wister

Director, Simon Fraser University Gerontology Research Centre & Conference Chair.