General Information

Conference Theme "Safer and Better: Re-Visioning Elder Care Across the Shelter-Care Continuum" What will it cover?

This year's Friesen conference will begin with a discussion of facility-based Long-term Care and ways to make it safer and better.  The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted a number of deficiencies -- some relating to the physical plant and some to operations.  The morning will open with a progress report on re-visioning standards. Attention will then turn to issues of staffing and to ways of ensuring not just quality care but also quality of life for residents and a positive work environment for staff. Gaps identified in home support of frail elders during the pandemic will also be discussed as well as those apparent at the mid-point of the shelter-care contiuum - that is, in assisted living and in seniors housing.   

After the lunch break the spotlight will turn to elder abuse - addressing in particular, the issue of resident-resident aggression.  Data will be presented on the nature and extent it occurs in congregate settings across the shelter-care continuum and what can be done in the way of prevention and mitigation. As well, we will hear about findings from analysis of the Canadian Longitudinal Study of Aging follow-up 1 and COVID-19 survey with respect to verbal and physical confict and other manifestations of abuse and neglect in private residences.