Thematic Symposia

Thematic symposia are highlights of the scientific program. Each symposium is comprised of three to five individuals chosen for their special expertise on the topic. Symposia confimed to date include: 

N. BIER, P. BELCHIOR (Co-conveners). An integrative approach to understand the use of technology to support functional autonomy in cognitively impaired older adults. Participants: M. COUTURE (Canada), P. BELCHIOR (Canada), N. BIER (Canada), M. LUSSIER (Canada).

K. BLACK (Convener). Social and cyber-connectedness in age-friendly communities. Participants: K. BLACK (USA), S. GOLANT (USA), M. STYNCHULA (USA).

J. BOGER (Convener). Caregiver-centred design of gerontechnologies for supporting unpaid care in the community. Participants: O. ATOYEBI (Canada), M. LESLIE (Canada), J. BOGER (Canada).

W.R. BOOT (Convener). Insights into the measurement of mobile device proficiency across cultures. Participants: A. PETROVČIČ (SIovenia), W.R. BOOT (USA), N.A. ROQUE (USA).

N. CHARNESS (Convener). Use of gerontechnology to support “successful aging”.  Participants:  W. R. BOOT (USA), S. J. CZAJA (USA), W. A. ROGERS (USA), J. SHARIT (USA), H-W. WAHL (Germany), J-S. YOON (South Korea).

H. Künemund (Convener). From user integration to usage: recent findings and evidence from Germany. Participants: B. KLEIN (Germany), H. KÜNEMUND (Germany), S. MERKEL (Germany), H.-W. Wahl (Germany).

W. ROGERS (Convener).  Technology design to support successful aging with disability. Participants: J. SANFORD (USA), M. HARRIS (USA), M. GANDY (USA), C. REBOLA (USA), C. CONSEL (France).  

A. SIXSMITH  (Convener). Technology, innovation and the emerging silver economy. Participants: V. DOLNICAR, M. SETINC, T. BURNIK, A .PETROVCIC, N. BERZELAK (Slovenia), S MUELLER (Germany), A. SIXSMITH (Canada), A. TINKER, A.YOUNG (UK)

A. STERNS (Convener). Three new approaches to medication adherence to ensure a better self. Participants: A. STERNS (USA), H. KORT (Netherlands), K. CROSSLAND (USA), H. STERNS, Discussant (USA).

D.J. WISHART (Convener). An ICT community standard supporting older adults and caregivers, integrating social services and healthcare. Participants: J. ACKERMAN (USA), P. FREDDOLINO (USA), D. WISHART (USA)