Call for Abstracts

The general call for abstracts is now closed but we are still accepting abstracts for sponsored symposia - these may be submitted at any time. 

Read abstract submission guidelines and look at the examples before preparing your abstract.            There are two types of abstract -

  • Format No.1 - Free Paper, Poster, or an individual presentation as part of a symposium
  • Format No.2 - ONLY if you are the Convener of a Symposium.

Click here for an abstract template.  Please note that individual delegates may only submit a maximum of 3 abstracts.  References use Vancouver style not APA.  Submit abstracts to:

Abstract Review and Publication

The Conference theme, "Evolving designs for our future selves", addresses the  continuous interplay between the complex processes of aging and the continuous changes over time in the environment in which people ageā€”the core topic of gerontechnology.  Environmental changes provide new ways of doing familiar activities as well as creating new technology-supported activities altogether.  Members of younger birth cohorts may never experience the technology that supported their parents in a common activity, and the majority of older cohorts might not have adopted yet technologies that are ubiquitous among their children and grandchildren.  

All accepted abstracts will be published in a special issue of the ISG peer-reviewed journal, Gerontechnology.  The published abstracts are grouped into five broad categories or domains of human activity depending on the main purpose of the technological intervention being described or evaluated: Health and Self-esteem; Housing and Daily Activities; Communication and Governance; Transportation and Personal Mobility; and Work and Leisure. In addition there is a cross-cutting category, for technologies that are applicable across multiple categories e.g., robotics.

If you wish you may indicate the category that you believe is most suitable for your abstract.  This is optional; if you do not want to choose one of the categories, the International Scientific Advisory Committee will select the peer reviewers for your submission. A good description of the organization of the topics addressed in gerontechnology is available (see  Bouma, Fozard, & van Bronswijk, 2009)