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FCAT Fall 2014 Convocation Video

Six new SFU undergraduate alumni share their FCAT experiences in a video filmed at the Fall 2014 Convocation Ceremony.

November 04, 2014

This past October, we celebrated as a number of our FCAT students became new SFU undergraduate alumni. We had the pleasure of hearing from six new alumni, who shared their FCAT experiences at the Fall 2014 Convocation Ceremony on October 9, 2014.

Taylor Boisjoli , BFA - School for the Contemporary Arts
Dung Ha, BA - School of Communication
Guramrit Singh, BSc - School of Interactive Arts and Technology
Wyanne Wong, BA - School of Communication
Cheryl Yu, BA - School of Interactive Arts and Technology, Print and Digital Publishing Program
Dasha Boichenko, BFA -School for the Contemporary Arts

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