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Sean Hougan & Madelaine Simpkin (CMNS) - Ms. Prime Minister

Hougan, a presenter at the FCAT Undergraduate Conference 2014, shares her experience of presenting at the conference. 

April 04, 2014

Sean Hougan, a student in the School of Communication, along with partner Madelaine Simpkin presented their research project at the FCAT Undergraduate Conference 2014. Their project, Ms. Prime Minister, was one of 34 projects presented at the conference on Wednesday, March 5, 2014.

Project Abstract:

Ms. Prime Minister is a non-partisan documentary short intended to educate the public about the barriers women face in Canadian politics and why more women are needed. With interviews from women across the political spectrum: Senator Mobina Jaffer, Honourable Linda Reid, MLA Jane Shin, MLA Judy Darcy, political organizer Natasha Westover, and former BC Young Liberals President Nicole Paul - the documentary allows the viewer to learn from young and mature female leaders in Canadian politics. In this seventeen minute film the viewer will learn from the following five sections: 1. The Current Female Inequity Situation; 2. The Importance of Women in the Political Sphere; 3. The Need for Diversity in Politics; 4. The Primary Barriers to Entry; and, 5. The Ways Women Can Make an Impact.


1. Why did you pick this topic? What was interesting to you about this topic?
Both Madelaine and I picked this topic because it’s an issue we hold close at heart. On a larger scale, we don’t have enough female leaders in positions of power—worldwide, and in Canada as well. Focusing in on politics, this is a particular worrisome area where there are not enough female voices in the creation of laws that govern this country. We picked this topic to educate the general public on this issue in addition to hopefully inspiring more young women to consider politics as a viable career option. This topic interests us because it is highly relevant and demands immediate attention.
2. Were you surprised by anything you found during the research/creation process?
We were surprised at how unanimous the women who we interviewed were in recognizing that we need more women at the table in Canadian politics.
3. Do you have any plans to do something more with this project?
Yes! It seems to be the project that never ends. We are currently working on tidying some things up in the film, planning a screening event and getting the website ready for launch mid-April. You will be able to view the film at around April 15th.
4. How did you find the process of presenting your project?
The process of presenting the project wasn’t difficult but the process of creating the film was! Madelaine and I are both first time filmmakers so I’m sure you can imagine the issues we faced in the filming and editing process! We are happy we overcame many of barriers we faced and are grateful for the ‘learn-as-you-go’ approach we took because it would have not been possible otherwise.

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