POSTED ON: July 26th, 2013


(SCA) FCAT Undergraduate Research Fellowship Award Recipient

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Building upon his interdisciplinary background in film production, Sepehr is looking forward to the opportunity to collaborate more closely with other fields during his fellowship. While he has previously created experimental shorts, this will be his first experience with installation projects.

Sepehr knows that this endeavor will provide him with valuable experiences beyond the classroom knowledge he has already gained. Specifically, he is hoping to gain skills in new media and work more closely with the dance and theater programs.

"I'm very excited to learn about current projection-mapping techniques and trends, as well as the thrill of working with seasoned artists."



  • Faculty supervisor: Rob Groeneboer
  • Area of study: Contemporary Arts

The Constant Sea project will allow Sepher to play an integral role in gallery installations and utilizing projection-mapping technology. The Constant Sea is a multimedia project by Rob Groeneboer and Stefan Smulovitz. The idea for the project was inspired by the memory of Smulovitz’s recently deceased father. The surreal imagery of water combined with Smulovitz’s violin composition, portrays the eternal cycle of life. The project will be a multi-screen video installation, presented during October 2013, at the Interurban Gallery.

In the daytime, the video will be projected onto three screens with eight channel sound. At nighttime, the video will be projected onto the gallery’s windows via interactive LED lighting. During the day, the Interurban Gallery’s 16 feet high walls will be transformed into the world of the video thanks to four synced projectors and projection-mapping technology.

Projection-mapping will allow the visuals to be cut into the shape of the windows. This means at night the visuals can be projected directly onto the windows. From the perspective of people passing by, the illusion of water flowing inside the gallery will be created.



Sepehr: "I definitely encourage fellow students to apply for the Fellowship Award because it is the best opportunity to gain professional experience while also being paid in a part-time position and taking courses."




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