Hile'kw 2017: FCAT Welcome

A cultural celebration to kick-start first year!

The Faculty of Communication, Art and Technology (FCAT) will be holding its second annual welcome event, Hile'kw on September 22nd 2017 at the SFU Surrey campus. The event brings together first year students from across FCAT to kick-start their year with a cultural celebration.

Students will be introduced to a respectful and conscientious celebration of Indigenous peoples and their arts on unceeded Coast Salish territories via an array of hands-on workshops that showcase the knowledge, strength, and diversity of Indigenous peoples living, working, and thriving on unceeded Coast Salish territories. The event will serve as an opportunity for first year students to network, as well as engage with local Indigenous communities, culture, art and experiences.

  • Date
    Friday, September 22, 2017
  • Time
    12:30p - 4:30p
  • Location
    SFU Surrey Campus
  • Attendees
    FCAT First Year Students

Highlights From Last Year...

"Food can be medicine, but it can also be fun" - Cease Wyss

"This will be a beginning of a whole new opening of your world." - Stuart Poyntz, FCAT Associate Dean

"Immerse yourself, embrace all aspects, explore thinking about the world differently" - Aoife Mac Namara, FCAT Dean

Hile'kw 2016

"Forward movement only... with open hearts and minds" - Audrey Siegl