The FCAT Pathway at FIC

The partnership of SFU and Fraser International College (FIC) offers international students a unique pathway to an undergraduate degree at SFU. 

FIC's UTP Stage II: Communication, Art and Technology is also known as the "FCAT Pathway" because it allows students to earn one full year of SFU credit and prepares students to enter SFU as a second-year student in FCAT. This program introduces students to studies in Communication, Interactive Arts and Technology (SIAT), and Contemporary Arts.

Students who complete all requirements of the FCAT Pathway can apply for the Bachelor of Arts (BA) Double Minor program in FCAT. Some students even choose to transfer into an FCAT Major program once they are at SFU.

What can I study in FCAT?

Our interdisciplinary Faculty comprises five schools and programs that prepare students to respond to society’s needs and interests in the creative economy, yet provides space for reflective consideration of alternatives.

Students can earn a Bachelor of Science (BSc)Bachelor of Arts (BA), or Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) degree in FCAT. Comprehensive information about all of our degree options can be found in the SFU Academic Calendar.

This is the right faculty for you, if you are interested in:

  • Fine and Performing Arts
  • Media and Culture
  • Technology and Society
  • Political Economy and Policy
  • Interactive Systems
  • Design
  • Media Arts
  • Film Studies
  • Dance
  • Visual Culture and Performance Studies
  • Theatre
  • Visual Art
  • Music
  • Print and Digital Publishing
  • Dialogue