AIME's Golden Ticket Opportunity

Would you like to unlock the magic of learning for a generation of kids who are constantly left behind?

AIME's Golden Ticket Competition seeks 10 young people from across the world to provide mentorship opportunities for Indigenous youth in their local communities. The 10 winners selected will work with their respective universities to establish the educational program.

The AIME Mentorship Program runs across three years. If you successfully deliver the program, you could become the CEO of AIME Canada. An added bonus, you’ll get to fly to Sydney, Australia for training with AIME’s CEO each year of the 3-year experience!

To learn more about this amazing opportunity, click here.

How to get involved:

  • Must be between the ages of 18-30
  • Have strong leadership skills, charisma, humour and unparalleled drive
  • And a love for kids is going to be pretty critical too!

*Please be aware that this opportunity requires a 3-year commitment.

To ensure your success, the FCAT Dean’s Office will be providing all interested students/alumni with support to ensure a strong application. Please connect with Marra Neilson (Director of Research & Innovation in the FCAT Dean’s Office) at, to get help with your application prior to submitting to AIME.

Applications can be submitted here by July 31st