About the Initiative

In the Spring and Summer of 2016, the Faculty of Communication, Art and Technology (FCAT) at Simon Fraser University (SFU) visited Moricetown, Lillooet, and Campbell River to initiate discussions with indigenous communities and school districts about the FCAT Futures initiative. FCAT Futures is a collaboration between youth and their communities, and artists, designers and scholars who work at SFU. The project is designed to improve how the university identifies and develops the next generation of talented students. Our community discussions explored how youth can be encouraged to become designers, coders, writers, filmmakers, artists, technologists, publishers and other skilled professionals in BC’s thriving culture and information industries. We’ve considered the kind of support our youth need to be successful, and are committed to developing a network of mentors, teachers, artists and peer educators to support students.

Communities Engaged

Key Ideas that Emerged from Discussions

  • The importance of discovering news ways to collaborate with communities, Elders, artists and educators to help youth identify their talent and potential as makers, doers and thinkers
  • The need to work together to design new paths to higher education for indigenous and rural youth
  • The value of designing community-based programs that are inclusive and welcoming to both indigenous and non-indigenous youth (as requested by community members)
  • The possibility of using FCAT Futures programming towards Dogwood Certificates
  • The importance of collaborating with community partners to create safe opportunities to learn about:

    • Land and heritage
    • Art, music, performing, publishing, video, language
    • Computer programming and interactive design

For information on this initiative, please contact Marra Neilson at mneilson@sfu.ca