Kaily Furlot: The Pursuit of Happiness: Social Determinants of the Online Job Market

School of Communication

Recently, the internet has become a popular medium for employment postings and a tool for job search. This provides an interesting landscape for communication professionals and sociologists alike, as it seems this technology, associated with the digital divide, has collided head on with complex social structures linked to the labor force. This research is exclusively focused on peoples need for internet access, how their current social class may determine this access, and how this influences their access to prospective employment.

Using data collected from the Statistics Canada 2007 Canadian Internet Use Survey, this research identifies the key demographic factors of those who have in-home internet access and use this access for their employment search. A theoretical framework focusing on employers increased reliance on networked technology to advertise employment positions and assist in the recruitment process helps to create a more thorough picture of this
relatively new arena for job recruitment.