Manuela Sosa Santaella, Carmine Sanatavenere, Sharon H. Ramirez, Hal Wesley Rogers, Baraka Rahmani: Love Yourselves Above All Others

School for the Contemporary Arts: Theatre

Written by Jorge Diaz

Directed by Manuela Sosa

Performed by:

  • Carmine Santavenere    Gentlemen
  • Sharon Ramirez    Lady
  • Baraka Rahmani    Placida
  • Hal Wesley Rogers    Epifanio

“I feel that we live in a wrong social structure. The bourgeois world… provides the antidote for any action against that society. Thus, the truths presented on the stage are sometimes received by the bourgeoisie with an ironic acceptance and almost always with joy…I believe that the best way to make theatre audiences think today is by means of laughter. Let us turn to the comic situation then, not as a mask to conceal truth, or as a sweet to help swallow the purgative, but as that comic spirit inherent in the human condition.”
-Jorge Diaz (Playwright)

Love Yourselves Above All Others (1971) is a bitter mockery of the inequitable class structures existing in our world, and a mordant satire of the band-aid solutions offered by ideologists who preach from the security of lofty positions. This absurd one-act was presented last November as part of the 2012 SFU Director’s Festival.