Samantha Derochie, Julian Giordano, Jeremy Mamisao: Sensorium

School of Interactive Arts + Technology

Sensorium is an immersive virtual reality system that gives users influence over visual and aural stimuli in a virtual environment by concentrating on body responses. Using Galvanic Skin Response (GSR) technology, we have created a system that provides users a way to learn how to understand their bodily responses and reduce their stress in a fun and safe environment.

This project was completed in our final year capstone class and in conjunction with the SIAT Pain Studies Lab. Our environment can be described as a fantasy world that shifts between chaos and peacefulness, reflecting the order and disorder of nature along with our inners states. Utilizing a head-mounted display and deploying a constantly shifting, dynamic soundscape, we immerse the user in an interactive trance. Ideally users leave the installation with an increased awareness of their bodily responses, and an interest in pursuing meditative skills through biofeedback.