Samantha Derochie: Curtains in My Mind

School of Interactive Arts + Technology

Written and Directed by Samantha Derochie

Starring Avery Fane and Karl Reifenstein

Curtains In My Mind is a short film inspired by the work of media theorist Friedrich Kittler and author Gregg Braden that aims to introduce metaphysical concepts about the nature of reality and the power of beliefs. The story begins with Alan who is convinced to visit a hacker to steal money. The hacker has other ideas and tries to show him how, like the restrictions of computer programs, our perceived limitations are actually

Kittler discusses how the workings of computers are hidden by the interface which is actually a system of control. Braden’s work on the power of belief describes how even thoughts are made of energy and can impact the physical world. I propose to convey how reality is like a computer simulation in that the workings are hidden by what people perceive with their senses, and that they can gain more control over their reality by tapping into the power of their beliefs.