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Announcing the winners of the Fall 2020 FCAT Photo Contest

December 23, 2020

FCAT students submitted their photos for a chance to win a $50 e-gift card or one of two $25 runner-up e-gift cards for each of the three categories below.

  • Course projects, artwork, performance (including the project/artwork/image of performance itself, you working on the project, images of equipment, etc.).
  • Research projects (work done as a research assistant, graduate student, etc.)
  • Remote learning experiences (workstation setups, images depicting how you are working with classmates or other students, etc.).

Entries were limited to a maximum of 3 per person. 


Aakansha Ghosh 

This is a photograph from an interactive installation I made titled "How to archive a memory?" in Jan 2020. The viewers were asked to enter a dark room with a light only illuminating a corner. The audience could hear a growing atmospheric sound inviting them to the illuminated corner.

Beau Han Bridge

Still from my film painting assignment I did in CA 230, entitled "Lone Scholar in the Autumn Woods".

Shu wen Chai 

Just a human.

Runners up:

Jammi Sze

The photo is captured during the spring of 2020. The little flowers at the height of my waist drew my attention to shoot from a low angle, as if wishing to grow taller. This photo is also like a hope to people that we all can be strong and get through this hard period. To create some negative space, I intentionally converted the photo to black and white by contrasting the colour of the flowers with the sky in the back.

Yeiyu Yao

Productive desk setup for essay writing.

Sang Woong Choi

Remote learning is very hard but if we think other way, it is very relief having a new technology that allow us to learn in the different place. I express the beautiful butterflies represented information that comes from everywhere and it is beautiful because each of them contains valuable information.

All entries: