January 28, 2014

Student Profile: Marianna Adamian


Marianna graduated from SFU in 2013 with a Bachelor of Arts degree. Her major was Communication and her minor was Publishing. Marianna did 6 co-op terms during her degree program and won the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC) BC's Student Communicator of the Year Award in 2011. She currently works as the Marketing and Communications Coordinator for Wavefront.

FCAT: Job wise, what have you done since graduating?

MA: Within 3 months of graduating, I secured a job in Marketing with a national Wireless Tech Accelerator and Consultancy called Wavefront. I also volunteer as the Director of Sponsorship with IABC BC.

FCAT: How do you feel your education from SFU prepared you and/or helped you secure your current job?

MA: My education in class allowed me to hone my writing and presentation skills. The core of my learning and skill development occurred through the numerous co-op positions I held while completing my degree. Through 6 semesters of co-op I developed skills in targeted content creation for various digital channels, honed my business acumen, and developed a strong design eye that continues to greatly impact my success at work.

FCAT: What was a highlight of your time at SFU?

MA: The high-light of my time at SFU was primarily my time spent working in co-op, but more specifically, I enjoyed the process of working with my co-op advisors to become a well-rounded co-op placement seeker. Through my 2 years spent in co-op I developed skills that helped me tremendously in my job search after graduation. Writing compelling applications, delivering solid results on interviews, and forging new connections were huge assets to my current arsenal of job hunting skills.

FCAT: Why did you find co-op to be valuable?

MA: More to the above, co-op taught me to step way outside of my career comfort zone and pursue new and sometimes scary opportunities. Not every experience was happy, but I learned even more from the unhappy experience.  Co-op allowed me to try different avenues within the career of Marcomm, better understand the industry, build a solid skill set that helped me land my current job, and allowed me to create a strong network that I know I can rely on.  You cannot put a price on that. I spent time and money, I don’t regret it for a single second. I graduated 2 years later than my friends, but feel like I learned more about my industry and have a clearer vision of my goals.

FCAT: What tips would you give a current SFU student who wanted to get into the same career field as you?

MA: Get involved. Get involved in volunteering through clubs and orgs. at SFU, in co-op, in different marketing and communications associations in Vancouver. Set measurable goals for yourself, ask questions, and most importantly, ask for help and guidance from your coordinators, from your professors, and from your peers, heck ask me for help if you want! Get your hands dirty and get some job experience under your belt. Prove that even if you don’t want to do the same thing forever, you can be sharp, resourceful, and think on your feet. That, at the end of the day, will get you a lot farther than you think. And finally, get out there and network, network, network. Don’t just hand out cards and never talk to the people you meet again. Make connections and nurture them. Once you land that coveted position, keep on networking. Never stop building networks, connections, and relationships with people in this industry.

Okay, one more thing. Be true to yourself and do some cheesy soul searching. Ask yourself what truly makes you happy, and do your best to pursue that. It’s okay to make compromises along the way and figure out where that “happiness” really comes from, but do your best to stay true to your beliefs and your goals. It’s not as scary and impossible, as you may think and you’ll be happier in the end, I promise.

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