Institutes, labs and projects

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Research institutes

Led by or in participation with the Faculty of Communication, Art & Technology (FCAT)

As described on the Office of Research Services (ORS) website, SFU's Research Institutes support collaborative research to confront key scientific and global challenges, foster creative interaction and stimulate engagement with students and visiting scholars. 

Research Institutes are formally designated non-departmental units that facilitate extensive multi-faculty collaborative research. This research is often enhanced by research relationships with other universities, stakeholders (e.g., government, community or private sector affiliates) or shared resources and infrastructure. The activities of Research Institutes support the strategic research mission of the university.  They have a university-wide mandate or are a multi-university consortium.

Institutes are established under SFU Policy R40.01 and are under the direct authority of the Vice-President, Research. For more information, please visit: SFU Research Centres and Institutes.

At FCAT, Research Institutes include the following:

Research labs or groups led by FCAT faculty members

Publishing Program

School of Communication

School of Interactive Arts and Technology (please consult SIAT faculty member bios)

School for the Contemporary Arts - includes artistic ensembles and projects