Return to campus

As we continue to navigate the COVID-19 pandemic and plan to return to campus, we know you likely have many questions about the FCAT student experience, research activities on campus, and the status of many campus services. We’ve gathered information and resources from across campus that we hope will provide answers to most of your questions.

Planning is underway to support a safe, equitable and supportive return to campus this September. A four-stage plan will guide the university's approach and consider factors including rate of community transmission, rate of vaccination and public health orders. The four-stage plan outlines broad guidelines, such as campus density, services available, and on-campus learning and research activities, and gives flexibility for input and decision-making to come from faculties and units who understand their work and needs best.

Over the summer, FCAT faculty and staff who have been working remotely will be gradually returning to campus to prepare to welcome students in September.

If you still have questions after looking through the information and resources listed here and in the Return to Campus FAQs, please get in touch with us at