Is Archaeology right for you? (THESE 3 Qs show real world topical application or reveal charachteristics of an archaeologist)

  • Do you like to solve mysteries old and new?
  • Are you interested in biology, forensics or DNA?
  • Does Indigenous knowledge, culture and heritage management interest you?

Potential Careers

This degree prepares you for a variety of careers including: forensic scientist, paleoanthropologist, maritime archaeologist, and more working for industry, government, police and coroners, museums, parks and historical sites.

What is Archaeology

Pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Archaeology will have you exploring the human past from Neanderthals to current issues of First Nations heritage and its management.  You will delve into forensic science and learn about primates and changes in the human skeleton through biological anthropology. You will examine human/environmental interactions while working in labs, outside in the field, and traveling to local and/or international destinations.

Gain industry experience before you graduate. Learn more about our co-op and field schools. 

Dig Deeper (use Dig for Arch and Geog? and Dive for REM and EVSC)

There are many ways to tailor your degree to your interests, expand your learning and work experiences and to gain a competitive edge on your academic journey.  From declaring a major upon application, completeing a joint or double major, adding a minor or certificate to participating in experiential learning activities (co-operative education, field schools, work placements).

Declare your major when applying to take advantage of early access to course selection and work, experiential learnng and volunteer activities.

Minors are a great way to broaden your knowledge or pursue an alternative interest while at university.

Specialize in two fields while earning a Bachelor's degree.

Gain a competitive edge by earning a certificate while pursuing a Bachelor's degree.

Field schools are a great way to gain world knowledge while you put theory to practice at one of our many destinations.

Graduate from your program with a full year of industry experience on your resume.

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