Our Faculty

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Zafar Adeel

Professor of Professional Practice
Executive Director, Pacific Water Research Centre

Water security and its links to the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, including SDGs. Water policy and management in water-scarce environments. Threats to mangrove ecosystems.

Clifford Atleo (Kam’ayaam/Chachim’multhnii)

Instructor, Resource and Environmental Management 

Indigenous governance, community development and political economy

Jonn Axsen

Associate Professor, Resource and Environmental Management

Adoption of pro-environmental technology; electric and alternative fuel vehicles; consumer attitudes, lifestyle, and social influence; citizen acceptance of energy and policy; energy system simulation modelling; climate policy design and impacts

Shiv Balram

Senior Lecturer, Geography

Collaborative GIS, environmental decision making

Francesco Berna

Assistant Professor, Archaeology

Origin of modern behaviour, archaeology of fire, ancient pyrotechnologies, use of space, site formation processes

Nick Blomley

Professor, Geography

Land, property and the geography of rights, legal geography, urban

Marnie Branfireun

Lecturer, Environmental Science 

Wetland marine ecology with a focus on contaminant cycling, food chain dynamics, conservation strategies, environmental education, non-vascular plants and aquatic invertebrates.

Tracy A. Brennand

Professor and Department Chair, Geography

Glacial geomorphology, glacial sedimentology, paleoglaciology, paleohydrology, environmental and climate change, planetary geomorphology

David Burley

Professor, Archaeology

South Pacific, Northwest North America, historical archaeology, archaeological theory, South Pacific prehistory, ceramics, maritime adaptations, ethnohistory

Hugo Cardoso

Associate Professor, Archaeology
Co-director, Centre for Forensic Research

Human juvenile osteology, dental and skeletal age estimation, child health in archaeological populations, trauma and taphonomy of immature bone.

Alex Clapp

Associate Dean, Undergraduate
Professor, Geography

Environmental and economic geography, resource conservation, forest management; environmental politics in the temperate rainforests

Mark Collard

Professor, Archaeology

Human evolution, primate evolution, evolutionary archaeology, phylogenetics, hominin and non-human primate fossil record, body size estimation, material culture studies

Rosemary-Claire Collard

Assistant Professor, Geography

Human geographer interested in broadening critical thought beyond a strictly human subject

Sean Cox

Associate Professor and Director, Resource and Environmental Management

Application of mathematical, statistical, and technology solutions to fisheries stock assessment and management challenges

Valorie Crooks

Professor, Geography

Health, primary health care, palliative care services and family medicine, informal family care giving, health-related social programs, socio-spatial negotiations of chronic illness

Catherine D'Andrea

Professor, Archaeology

Palaeoethnobotany, cereal domestication, traditional agricultural knowledge, ethnoarchaeology, early agriculture, early complex societies, African archaeology

Suzana Dragicevic

Professor, Geography

Geographic information systems and science (GIS), modeling human-environment interactions as complex systems, urban informatics, geographic automata, agent-based modeling, geosimulations, artificial intelligence, soft computing, modeling land use and land cover change, spatial decision support systems.

Jonathan Driver

Professor, Archaeology

Zooarchaeology, cultural ecology, PaleoIndian adaptations, southwestern United States, and northeast British Columbia

Biruté M. F. Galdikas

Professor, Archaeology

Primate ecology, orangutan conservation

Christina Giovas

Assistant Professor, Archaeology

Environmental archaeologist specializing in zooarchaeology

Frank Gobas

Professor, Resource and Environmental Management

Environmental chemistry and toxiology; environmental behaviour and effects of pollutants; chemical engineering and biology

Tom Gunton

Professor, Resource and Environmental Management
Director, Resource and Environmental Planning Program

Forestry, land use, energy, mining and fisheries

Scott Harrison

Senior Lecturer, Resource and Environmental Management

Terrestrial ecologist interested in applying the concepts of ecological resilience and Adaptive Management

Pascal Haegeli

Assistant Professor, Resource and Environmental Management

Interdisciplinary research in avalanche risk management for the development of practical tools that assist backcountry recreationists and avalanche professionals to make better informed decisions.

Nick Hedley

Associate Professor, Geography

Visualization, 2D geovisualization, 3D visualization, geospatial interface research, natural hazards, ocean science, spatial cognition

Sabrina Higgins

Assistant Professor, Archaeology

Late Antique Egypt; Marian Studies; Early Christian Architecture; Religious Transformation; Sacred Landscapes; Greco-Roman Religions; Byzantine Art and Monastic Archaeology

Meg Holden

Associate Professor, Geography

Urban, sustainable development and policy, sustainable assessment and evaluation, social learning in cities

Mark Jaccard

Professor, Resource and Environmental Management

Sustainable energy and public policy; environmental economics; energy and materials

Ross Jamieson

Associate Professor, Archaeology

Andean South America, colonialism, historical archaeology, archaeological theory, South Pacific prehistory, ceramics, maritime adaptations, ethnohistory

Peter Keller

Vice President, Academic and Provost
Professor, Geography

Resource management, mineral exploration and marine navigation support to preservation of indigenous knowledge, environmental and human wellness and health, community mapping and tourism planning

Paul Kingsbury

Associate Professor, Geography

Cultural geography, consumption, social theory, psychoanalysis, aesthetics, and paranormal cultures


Duncan Knowler

Associate Professor, Resource and Environmental Management

Environmental influences in bioeconomic modeling of natural populations; economics of natural resource management in developing countries, economic incentives for biodiversity conservation, invasive species economics, and the economics of sustainable aquaculture and agriculture.

Karen E. Kohfeld

Canada Research Chair (II) in Climate, Resource, and Global Change
Associate Professor, Resource and Environment Management

Climate change, earth system science, carbon cycling, paleoceanography, paleoclimatology, paleoecology, ocean acidification, regional impacts of climate change

Dana Lepofsky

Professor, Archaeology

Palaeoethnobotany, human ecology, prehistoric and traditional resource management, Northwest Pacific, Oceania, complex hunter-gatherers, public outreach

Ken Lertzman

Professor, Resource and Environmental Management

Forest cology, ecosystem dynamics, conservation and managemnt; the dynamics of temperate rainforests; sustainability and Indigenous traditions

Lance Lesack

Professor, Geography and Biological Sciences

Limnology, ecosystem science of large rivers, carbon and nutrient cycling in lakes, hydrology of lakes and river floodplains, biogeochemical mass fluxes to the ocean from small catchments through large rivers

Geoff Mann

Professor, Geography

Centre for Global Political Economy; Resources, natural resource labour and labour markets, comparative natural resource policy, macroeconomic policy and commodity production, race and gender

Sean Markey

Associate Professor, Resource and Environmental Management

Local and regional economic development; community sustainability; rural development and sustainable infrastructure

David Maxwell

Lecturer, Archaeology

Faunal analysis, particularly vertebrates; interaction of material culture and political history; Plains bison kill site population dynamic; coastal and island hunter-gatherers in southern California

Eugene McCann

Professor, Geography

Urban, drug policy in relation to urban and regional built environments, urban public space and governance, urban and regional livability, quality of life and creativity

Jonathan Moore

Associate Professor, Resource and Environmental Management and Biological Sciences

Aquatic ecology, fisheries, environmental decision-making, watershed science

Robert Muir

Senior Lecturer, Archaeology

Zooarchaeology, quantitative methods, cultural resource management, field methods, British Columbia, American Southwest

George Nicholas

Professor and Department Chair, Archaeology

Indigenous peoples and archaeology, intellectual property issues in cultural heritage, archaeological theory, wetland archaeology and human ecology

Andrew Perkins

Lecturer, Geography

Physical geography; geography of natural hazards; earth systems

John Pierce

Professor, Geography

Food systems, food security and sustainability of food systems

Evelyn Pinkerton

Professor, Resource and Environmental Management

Co-Management of natural resources, political ecology and neoliberalism; local communities and fisheries management

Rudy Reimer

Assistant Professor, Archaeology

Indigenous archaeology, BC archaeology, cultural resource management, lithic technology, materials science, geochemistry

Michael Richards

Professor, Archaeology

Evolution of human diets over time, especially the diets of Neanderthals and early modern humans, and the spread and adoption of agriculture in Eurasia

Murray Rutherford

Associate Professor, Resource and Environmental Management

Environment and development; human dimensions of environmental policy and planning; conservation challenges and public policy



Anne K. Salomon

Associate Professor, Resource and Environmental Management

Coastal marine ecology and conservation, resilience of social-ecological systems, marine policy

Dennis Sandgathe

Lecturer, Archaeology

Stone tool technology, Palaeolithic Eurasia, nature of Middle Palaeolithic adaptations, role that fire played in Neandertal adaptations

Margaret Schmidt

Associate Professor, Geography

Soil science, digital soil mapping, predictive soil mapping and modelling, impact of forest management practices on soil properties and nutrient cycling, soil rehabilitation

Nadine Schuurman

Professor, Geography

Health and environment, location of health services, population health, critical GIScience

Ingrid Leman Stefanovic

Dean, Faculty of Environment
Professor, Resource and Environmental Management

Environmental ethics; how values drive environmental decision making, including water policy

Jeremy Venditti

Professor, Geography
Director, Environmental Science Program

Fluvial Geomorphology and Sedimentology, River Dynamics, Physics of Sediment Transport

John R. Welch

Professor, Resource and Environmental Management and Archaeology 
Director, Graduate Program in Heritage Resource Management

Sovereignty-driven research and Indigenous community collaborations in heritage stewardship and applied archaeology

Ivor Winton

Senior Lecturer, Geography

Population geography; geographical thought in the western tradition


Dongya Yang

Associate Dean, Graduate and Research
Professor, Archaeology

Human osteology, molecular archaeology, animal and plant ancient DNA, forensic anthropology

Kirsten Zickfeld

Associate Professor, Geography

Climate science, climate modelling, climate carbon-cycle interactions, carbon budgets compatible with climate targets, climate tipping points.