From Student to Starfish

How one student is aiming to engage his fellow students in discussions about the environment

Hear from Kyle Empringham, a MRM candidate in the School of Resource and Environmental Management, about how he and a few friends took their interest in the environment public and have now started to identify environmental leaders of tomorrow. These are his words that follow.

You can learn more about Kyle himself by clicking here.


When I started to learn about environmentalism in classes, I didn’t want to stop.  It was hard for me to sit in a lecture hall full of colleagues and listen to all of the stuff that humanity has imposed on the planet, not to mention that the global population was reaching ridiculously large numbers. I needed a platform to engage in the issues, to think about what’s happening, and to allow others into the conversation – and so, The Starfish was born.

The Starfish is a collaboration between a few friends and myself and it aims to showcase what’s going on in Canada. We’ve talked about a large range of things – from biodiversity loss to climate change and those tackling the issues. Our Top 25 Environmentalists Under 25, a program that showcases 25 environmental youth leaders in Canada. just wrapped up its third session (congrats to Quebec’s Leehi Yona and SFU’s Tesicca Truong for placing first and second, respectively!).

We aim to let you know what’s going on in environmentalism today. We have other programs related to tree planting and environmental campaigning that help connect our communities to the issues at hand. If you’d like more information, go to for details.