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How can your organization better understand and become part of the circular economy? How can you future-proof your organization and reduce your linear risks? Through case studies, guest speaker, simulations, exercises, instructor-led group discussion and personal reflection, this workshop will assist you in understanding how your organization can integrate circular economy practices such as product-as-a-service, sharing platforms, circular supplies, resource recovery and product life extension as well as other “green business” solutions. This is a practical, hands-on session and is designed to introduce you to actionable ideas you can pursue at your organization immediately. You will also learn strategies to create a vision for and pathway to a more circular organization – preventing waste while reducing inefficiencies.


Climate resiliency decisions often require strategic actions and implementation directed by local level decision-making; this is your chance to get an overview of current knowledge regarding climate change and the steps to building and enabling community resiliency. 

With a primary focus upon the priority risks in southwest BC (including drought, rural–urban interface fires, extreme weather events, heat waves, flooding and sea level rise), this workshop will detail each aspect of climate risk and resiliency planning and action.


Worskshop Leader: Chris Joseph
Date: Wednesday, October 3, 2018 

EA has come to the forefront of the public consciousness with controversial megaprojects such as recent pipeline expansions. This has led to public protest and debate about benefits, adverse effects, and the process itself. As a consequence, many people are interested in learning more about the EA process so that they might understand it better or prepare themselves to participate effectively in it.

This workshop is intended to support this interest. The workshop is geared towards environmental and public policy professionals with at least a basic understanding of the EA process and strives to build greater knowledge, including with respect to current issues in EA. 

Online Course
September 14 - December 8, 2018

The global transition to renewable energy is gaining momentum, and cities and local governments are at the forefront of this movement. The number of municipalities around the world setting ambitious 100% renewable energy targets is growing, with some cities in the US and Europe having already met this goal. However, the transition to renewable energy is not easy and it requires moving forward collaboratively with businesses, governments, and the public. City leaders need to be equipped with practical knowledge to work effectively in partnerships across sectors.

By highlighting foundational first actions, this interdisciplinary course will help provide the knowledge and perspective needed to confidently lead a municipal- level renewable energy transition.

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