Madeleine Lamer


Where is your hometown, and which secondary school did you attend?
I am from North Vancouver, and went to Sentinel Secondary School.

Why did you choose SFU?
SFU has one of the best Archaeology Departments in the country.

How did you choose your program? Why is it right for you?
I have always wanted to be an archaeologist. I did a lot of research on the various archaeology programs throughout the country, and SFU has the most well rounded archaeology department, with some of the best professors and resources, so to me, choosing SFU's Archaeology Department was the best possible decision.

Are you involved in any volunteer activities on or off campus?
I am an active member of the Archaeology Student Society, and help plan events that are designed to create a welcoming environment for SFU Archaeology Undergraduates. We also wish to help provide opportunities for undergraduates by hosting CV writing workshops and first aid courses.

Did you take part in Co-op?
There are more opportunities for archaeology students to go to field schools rather than co-ops, so I went to field school instead.

What message do you have for new students? What do you wish you knew then? 
The Archaeology Department is a very welcoming and close-knit community, and the professors are very dedicated to helping their students succeed. Our Student Society hosts a Meet and Greet every semester. This is a great way to meet your peers and professors in an informal environment.

Do you have a favourite spot on campus? Why it's special to you?
I enjoy the Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology. It is very quiet and has amazing exhibits. 

What was the most interesting subject you've studied so far? 
I love all of the courses that the Department of Archaeology has to offer. My specific focus is physical and forensic anthropology, so I tend to take more courses on those topics.

What are your plans for the future, be that the rest of your time at SFU or post-graduation?
After graduating in Spring 2018, I hope to continue my education and obtain my masters in physical or forensic anthropology.

I am SFU because...
SFU has provided me a community in which I can thrive.

Anything you'd like to add?
If you are unfamiliar with archaeology, I encourage you to take one of the courses the department offers. You won't regret it.