New Undergraduate Student Orientation


I've just been admitted to Simon Fraser University. What do I do now?

Your best resource is the "Starting Your First Year" web page that will list all the steps you need to take. After you pay your admission deposit and activate your computing ID, you should check your SFU email. 

New students from high school should register for the SFU 101 online course. Once you start the SFU 101 orientation course, you will be given an option to sign up for a course planning workshop called Blueprints.  At the Blueprints session you will be shown how to plan your schedule and how to enroll in classes. Additionally, at Blueprints, you will also be provided with other helpful information to assist you with the transition from high school to university.

Transfer students and all new students are encouraged to sign up for Welcome Day.


How can I connect with people on campus?

The Faculty of Health Sciences Mentorship program matches new students with senior students. Sign up online today! Matching with a mentor will occur in late-August and you will be notified via your SFU email account.

Another great way to meet people is to sign up for Welcome Day!

What courses should I take in my first semester?

Students with IB credit or college transfer credit should consult with an advisor to ensure they do not duplicate courses they have already received credit for.

New students are advised to enroll in three or four courses in their first semester, but can enroll in up to five courses if they wish. To graduate in four years, students must complete 30 credits of course work per year for a minimum of 120 credits. Students have the option to take longer than four years to complete their Bachelor's degree.

  Suggested Term One Courses
 Course  Bachelor of Arts  Bachelor of Science
1 HSCI 130-4 Foundations of Health Sciences      
2 HSCI 100-3 Human Biology  BISC 102-4 General Biology                                   
3 SA 101-4 or SA 150-4 Intro to Sociology/Anthropology  CHEM 121-4 General Chemistry and Lab I
4 another HSCI 100 level course (HSCI 120/140/160)
 MATH 154-3 Calculus I
5 optional elective