FHS features a multidisciplinary team of researchers focused on reducing the global burden of HIV/AIDS and other infectious diseases.

HIV/AIDS Molecular Epidemiology Laboratory

The research in the Molecular Epidemiology Laboratory integrates molecular biology, epidemiology, genetics and computational approaches to study the global genetic diversity and evolution of HIV. We have active research collaborations in South Africa, Japan, Mexico and Australia.

Active  projects

Title Principle Investigator Co-investigators Location
Impact of HIV on Aging Related Co-morbidities among key affected populations across Canada Hogg, R Burchell AN, Cooper CL, Klein MB, Loutfy MR, Machouf NN, Montaner JS, Raboud JM, Sanche SE, Tsoukas CM, Guillemi SA, Phillips P, Antoniou T, Cescon A, Goldsmith CH, Harris M, Hull MW, Lima VD, Rachlis AR, Rourke SB, Samji H, Smeija MJ, Wong AC Canada
A prospective investigation of trends and determinants of pregnancy among HIV-positive individuals accessing anti-retroviral treatments in Mbarrara, Uganda: A UARTO affiliated study.

Kaida, A

Bangsberg, D; Matthews, L; Kabakyenga, J; Hogg, R Mbarrara, Uganda
Barriers to engaging young people in HIV vaccine trials in a priority setting. Brockman, M; Gray, G; Kaida, A; Ndung'u, T; Snyder, J. Brumme, Z; Dietrich, J; Gelderblom, H; Hogg, RS; Mokgoro, M; Morris, L; Niikura, M; Nkala, B; Pantophlet, R; Tiemessen, C.
HIV adaptation to immune selection pressures: historic trends and future implications. Brumme, Z
Brockman, M
Poon, A

Putting adolescent health on the map: Understanding adolescent HIV vulnerability in Soweto, S. Africa

Miller, C; Nkala, BD

Gray, G; Hogg R; Kaida A; Palmer A; Smith T Soweto, South Africa
The Canada-Sub Saharan Africa HIV/AIDS Network (CANSSA) Brockman, M; Ndung’u, T.

Exploring HIV prevention among adolescents in Soweto, South Africa: Informing links between HIV VCT, HIV prevention and sexual and reproductive health services Miller, C; Gray G Debruyn, G; Dietrich, J; Hogg, R; Kaida, A; Nkala, B; Richardson, C; Rusch, M Soweto, South Africa
Building capacity to respond to HIV/AIDS in China O'Neil, J Blanshard, J; Judd, E; Moses, S China

Completed  projects