Funding for Health Research from Non Tri Council Sources

by Cecilia Kalaw and Katrina Salvante

March 02, 2017

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March 02, 2017 at 10 am - noon


11021 - FHS Dean's Office Board Room

This workshop will include 4 brief presentations from FHS faculty who have been repeatedly funded from non-Tri Council sources for their health-related research.

Meghan Winters, Julian Somers, Tim Takaro and Kelley Lee will describe how they have positioned themselves and prepared for funding opportunities from: municipal and regional sources, provincial and federal government sources, private foundations in Canada, and international sources including NIH, World Health Organization, US foundations, and Wellcome Trust.

This is the first workshop to be delivered on alternative funding sources from the Tri-Council; specific submission processes for each competition may be only briefly described. Emphasis will be on orienting participants to positioning themselves to receive information about available funding. This workshop is tailored for early career health researchers and health researchers in global or applied health contexts, particularly those related to policy arenas.

Space is limited to approximately 40 participants.

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