CARMHA Research Seminars: Mentorship Talks

by Dr. Tim Takaro and Dr. Ruth Lavergne

April 05, 2019

Event Type

Seminar Series


April 05, 2019 at 12:00-1:00pm


SFU Harbour Centre, Room 2200

Tim is a Professor and Associate Dean for Research in FHS who runs the faculty mentorship program. Ruth is an Assistant Professor at FHS and completed her PhD at UBC in 2015. As an early-career professor she is taking on new roles mentoring staff and students, while continuing to reach out to peers and senior colleagues for support and advice.


Tim and Ruth will offer some reflections on their own experiences as both mentors and mentees including what has worked well and areas for continued growth and reflection. They look forward to discussion with the group about experiences of mentorship and ideas to strengthen mentorship within CARMHA.