Health sciences alumnus Kate Salters alongside Bob Hogg

Order of Canada awarded to our very own Bob Hogg

February 22, 2018

By Phoebe Melvin

Robert Hogg has been inducted as a member of the Order of Canada thanks to his extensive contributions to HIV/AIDS research. Hogg has been a member of the SFU Health Sciences Faculty since 2006 where he helped to establish the SFU Interdisciplinary Research Centre for HIV (SIRCH). On his move to SFU Health Sciences Faculty Hogg says “It was a huge opportunity to be involved in something that was just starting – working together, establishing an entirely new faculty, teaching, mentoring.”

As a member of the Health Sciences Faculty Hogg is well known for his modesty, his ongoing research into HIV, his ability to secure lucrative grants, and his skill as a mentor. Hogg is an asset to the Health Sciences Faculty, and has inspired countless students and researchers to grow as scientists.

“It’s an honor, but it’s also a huge responsibility,” says Hogg on this award. “It just means you have to keep providing that leadership and you have to keep speaking up for people that need a voice.” No doubt this is exactly what he will do in the coming years in collaboration with the BC Centre for Excellence in HIV/AIDS (BC-CfE). The focus of Hogg’s work will be the continued research into the health inequalities among those in British Columbia, and the rest of Canada living with HIV.

While Hogg may be notoriously humble, the Health Sciences is incredibly proud of the recognition of his impact on health research in Canada. Congratulations Bob!

This piece has been re-purposed from a story written by the BC Centre for Excellence in HIV/AIDS

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