Canadian HIV Observational Cohort Collaborative Research Centre

Chronic and infectious diseases, Population and public health
Posted: December 24, 2014

Principal Investigators

Hogg, R


Antoniou, T; Burcell, A; Cooper, C; Hull, M; Klein, M; Loutfy, M; Machouf, N; Montaner, J; Nosyk, B; Raboud, J; Sanche, S; Tsoukas, C; guillemi, S; Hosein, S; Phillips, P; Cescon, A; Cotterchio, M; Goldsmith, C H; Harrigan, R; Harris, M; Johnston, S; Kendall, C; Liddy, C; Lima, V; Moore, D; Patterson, S; Rachlis, A; Rourke, S; Samji, H; Smeija, M; Trottier, B; Wainberg, M; Walmsley, S.


$2,726,760 - CIHR HIV Centres Grant


2014 - 2019