Our cross-cutting themes

  • Nicole Berry Global health, gender & reproductive health, maternal/child health, participatory methods
  • Susan Erikson Medical anthropology; ethnographic research; global political economy of health; global health financialization; desirable health futures; digital health and imaging technologies
  • Maya Gislason Social and health inequalities, social-ecological public health, participatory methods, Aboriginal health
  • Shira Goldenberg Global health, migration and health, HIV/AIDS, sexual health, field-based global health instruction
  • John O'Neil Global health, medical anthropology, Aboriginal health systems, HIV/AIDS & participatory research
  • Jeremy Snyder Public health ethics, medical tourism, vulnerable populations, health worker migration
  • Malcolm Steinberg Occupational health, epidemiology, program management, HIV/AIDS, public health consulting
  • Charlotte Waddell Child and youth mental health, health policy, determinants of health, and children’s rights.